comScore Maddow Hammers Trump: ‘Even if You Bleach Your Brain’ You Wouldn’t Celebrate Walls With Irish PM!

Maddow Hammers Trump: ‘Even if You Bleach Your Brain’ You Wouldn’t Celebrate Walls With Irish PM!

“I just left some very good people that are very much involved with Brexit, as you know. And I think that’ll all work out. It will all work out very well. And also for you, with your wall, your border. I mean, we have a border situation in the United States and you have one over here. But I hear it’s going to work out very well.”

Those were the words of President Donald Trump, on Wednesday, to Ireland’s Prime Minister Leo Varadkar. And in the view of Rachel Maddow, they were very foolish words.

In a scathing monologue on her show Wednesday night, the MSNBC host lit up the president for extolling the virtues of walls to Varadkar — a man who, as anyone with an elementary grasp of Brexit or Irish history would know, is very much is opposed to walls.

“Erase your mind for a second. Forget everything you might have ever heard or ever known about Ireland and Northern Ireland… Even if you bleach your brain to the point where nothing is left in terms of cognizance in terms of what might be a sensitive subject there, even still, in this hypothetically-lobotomized state where you’ve had your brain wiped of all knowledge of Ireland, Northern Ireland and the question of a potential border wall there, you still with this hypothetical lobotomy would still not sit down with the Irish minister and suggest first words out of your mouth, ‘Hey, you know, your border wall is going to be awesome!’ It’s not like Ireland and Northern Ireland have ever had an issue around that border. There’s never been any sort of conflict there, right?” Ireland. Northern Ireland. That’s all been cool.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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