Rep. Steve King Threatens Trump Over DACA Deal: ‘The Base Will Leave Him’


Rep. Steve King (R-IA) is following Donald Trump‘s immigration pivot with a pivot of his own — switching from defending the president to threatening him.

While he was once one of Trump’s most stalwart defenders, King is now attempting to intimidate the president over his latest decision to protect DREAMers with help from leading Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

King — a hardline immigration hawk — tells the president not so fast, threatening him with claims that supporters will hop off the Trump Train if an “amnesty” deal is passed:

“The base will leave him — they can’t support him anymore. I am talking about my constituents in Iowa that will say you need to be behind trump. I am. I support his entire agenda… I support the agenda Trump had when he went into office and I support almost every piece of the agenda — except the amnesty piece being dangled, and that’s so destructive to a first world country. If you do not have the rule of law or respect for that law, the people writing the immigration laws are the people breaking them. We had a protest here, DREAMers coming up demanding we give them amnesty. What right do law breakers have to make demands from the citizens of the United States of America. If anything, they should be pleading for it and not demanding.”

After a report came out last night that Trump had struck a deal with new pals “Chuck and Nancy” to protect DACA recipients, his base was not pleased — BreitbartSean Hannity, and Ann Coulter all took turns sounding off at the president. This morning, Trump defended DREAMers and said a deal is forthcoming, with the addition of “powerful border security.”

The Iowa congressman also claimed that the GOP were on “the cusp” of an immigration deal in line with Trump’s campaign promises, but the president’s latest immigration pivot has ruined such a prospect. “Things are going to be going downhill real fast or the Republicans will be done for 2018 and 2020,” said King.

King is a staunch nationalist with a long, long, long history of racially offensive comments. However, he swears he doesn’t hate DREAMers and undocumented children — he’d even “adopt” one to keep her in America, but the other 800,000? They have to be deported for the sake of “the rule of law.”

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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