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Rep. Ted Lieu: Only Mueller Hearing Conclusion is That Trump Committed Multiple Felonies

Rep. Ted Lieu said that that the American public can only reach one conclusion after hearing Robert Mueller’s testimony in front of Congress on Wednesday.

That conclusion, he said, is that Trump “was not exonerated” and committed “multiple felonies.”

Speaking with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on the same day as Mueller’s hearing wrapped up, Cooper started off by asking the Congressman about Mueller performance.

“Did it surprise you and do you think it muted what Democrats hoped the impact of this would be?” Cooper asked.

Lieu responded by noting Mueller “answered yes and true to a number of devastating facts.”

He then said this: “If the American people are watching this, the only conclusion they can conclude is that the Russians systematically and sweepingly interfered in our 2016 elections, the Trump campaign embraced that interference and then the president committed multiple acts of obstruction of justice to stop the investigation into that interference.”

The congressman further reasoned that the American people could likely only conclude that their president was not exonerated and committed multiple felonies.

“Robert Mueller himself brings up the fact that he did not exonerate the president,” Lieu told Cooper. “That’s essentially where I got him to commit to today and if the American people watch these hearings, that’s the only conclusion they could come up with that the president of the United States committed multiple felonies.”

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