‘Repeat Those Talkin’ Points’: Colbert Goes After Fox & Friends’ Outrage Over Boston Suspect’s Miranda Rights

Fox & Friends has noted (many, many times) that Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was “singing like a canary” before he was read his Miranda rights, after which officials said he fell silent. The Miranda warning issue has been a hot-button issue recently, and Stephen Colbert too chimed in last night. He focused, though, on his Fox friends.

After authorities so heroically captured Tsarnaev, our “secret Chechen president,” Barack Obama, has “screwed the whole thing up.”

Getting the requisite Sex and the City joke out of the way (should’ve gone with Samantha rights, eh? Eh?), Colbert was just furious. And understandably so, since, prior to being made aware of his constitutional rights, Tsarnaev was “singing like a canary.”

…cue a montage of each of the Fox & Friends hosts uttering that phrase approximately 3,592 times. (Followed by an inimitable, un-transcribable Colbert impression.)

Colbert thanked the show for the “hot scoop.”

“Ya done good, and the big boss is real happy,” he lauded. “‘Cause sometimes to get the word out about a guy singin’ like a canary, you gotta repeat those talkin’ points like a parakeet.”

Take a look, via Comedy Central:

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