comScore Roland Martin Rips MSNBC Guest’s Defense of Trump’s Lack of Diversity: ‘Please Don’t Quote Dr. King’

Roland Martin Rips MSNBC Guest’s Defense of Trump’s Lack of Diversity: ‘Please Don’t Quote Dr. King’

Political commentators Roland Martin and Jennifer Grossman got into a heated match on MSNBC’s Live with Alex Witt on Easter Sunday. The tense moment occurred after Grossman used a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to defend President Donald Trump’s obviously non-diverse White House intern program.

When asked her thoughts on a photo showing mostly-white interns in the program, Grossman said, “My thoughts are largely that the most important thing is the content of our character and what’s in our heads and our ideas and our thought, not the color of our skin.”

“So whether or not you have racial diversity in that intern class, I would argue probably you have a lot more diversity in terms of political viewpoints,” she added.

Martin immediately rebutted Grossman for employing a quote from the civil rights activist to defend lack of racial diversity. “Jennifer, do me a favor, please don’t quote Dr. King, the bottom of his march on Washington, ‘I have a dream’ speech,” he said.

Grossman refused to be silenced, however. “No, no, no. This kind of thing does not work,” she interjected, waving her fingers and moving further up into her seat. “If you want to have more debate on race, your political correct bullying is not going to work. I will quote Dr. Martin Luther King every single day and you won’t stop me.”

The two spoke over each other as MNSBC showed a photo of former President Barack Obama with his intern class, featuring a room filled with a far greater variety of ethnicities represented. Martin said the stark difference could lead to lasting issues in society.

“When you look at this class, these are future leaders. So if you have a class that is largely absent of minority people, these are the folks who will be leaders in the next 10, 15, 20 years,” he continued. “You better have a diversified class to lead America otherwise you’re going to have the same problem.”

Martin added, “You go talk to black Republicans and Latino Republicans and expand your applicant pool is not that hard. It’s not hard to find them. You have to have eyes and ears that are open to receive a diversified White House intern class.”

Watch a clip of the debate via MSNBC above.

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