Ronan Farrow: Hillary Clinton Tried to Cancel Interview Because I Was Reporting on Weinstein Story


Ronan Farrow appeared on Good Morning America Wednesday to talk about his new book, and made a revelation about an interview he was slated to have with Hillary Clinton.

For Farrow’s book, War on Peace: The End of Diplomacy and the Decline of American Influence, the journalist details the decimation of the State Department, for which he spoke with every living Secretary of State.

When George Stephanopoulos asked Farrow what surprised him most about his conversations with America’s top diplomats, the journalist remarked on how hard it was to get some of them to sit down for an on-the-record interview — namely, Hillary Clinton.

Farrow explained that he had an interview scheduled with Clinton while he was in the midst of reporting on Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood titan he brought crashing down with a stunning New Yorker report on the extensive sexual assault claims leveled against him.

“Hillary Clinton had scheduled an interview while I was at the height of the Weinstein reporting, and her folks got in touch and said, ‘we hear you’re working on a big story,’ [they] sounded very concerned, and tried to cancel the interview.”

“Over the Weinstein stuff?” Stephanopoulos asked.

“Over the Weinstein stuff,” Farrow confirmed.

Farrow would eventually interview Clinton for his book.

Sources tell Mediaite the initial interview was indeed cancelled, and then later rescheduled.

Weinstein was a longtime campaign donor for Hillary Clinton despite Lena Dunham and Tina Brown both revealing that they had cautioned Clinton’s aides about his mistreatment of women.

Watch above, via ABC News.

Correction: A previous version of this story said that the Clinton campaign canceled Farrow’s interview with her. His actual remark was that the campaign “tried” to cancel the interview. Sources tell Mediaite that the initial interview was indeed cancelled, and eventually rescheduled.

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