Rudy Giuliani Reveals Ukrainian Oppo Research Mission Was Requested by Trump Administration


A significant issue in the ever-evolving whistleblower scandal currently occupying the political mediasphere is whether or not the Trump administration explicitly sent Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine on his mission to collect dirt on Hunter Biden’s business dealings as means for opposition research on his father, former Vice President Joe Biden.

Giuliani is the personal attorney to President Donald Trump, and as such, has defended his trip to Ukraine as a private endeavor that falls under campaign regulations and not official diplomatic guidelines, because the notion that a sitting President would use his powers to undermine a political foe, is, well, pretty authoritarian if not a clearly impeachable offense.

So when Giuliani appeared on Hannity Monday evening, the issue came up.  Host Sean Hannity asked his guest in as plain a manner as poosible: “did our State Department ask you to go on a mission for them?”

And Mr. Giuliani replied, “They did. The State Department called me and said would I take a call from Mr. Yermak, who’s number two or three to the president elect who is now the president.”

After claiming to have received “enormously important facts,” and making a dig at the “fake news” media, he then revealed “I wasn’t operating on my own. I was operating at the request of the State Department”

So there it is. According to the former Mayor of New York City, the Trump administration was not just fully aware of Giuliani’s oppo research effort, but also requested he go on this mission. This has led to allegations that, during a phone call with the Ukrainian President, Trump suggested withholding U.S. military aid in return for an investigation into Hunter Biden.

Giuliani has had a curious history of saying things during live cable news appearances that end up being of more political hindrance to the President to which he serves. This may very well be such another example.

Watch above via Fox News.

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