Rudy Giuliani Tells Fox That More Black People Kill Cops Than Cops Kill Black People. He’s Completely Wrong.

Rudy Giuliani said that more black people kill police officers than police officers kill black people on Fox News Wednesday morning. A look at statistics in the United States over the past five years shows the former New York City mayor is completely wrong.

The false claim came in response to a question from Fox News anchor Ed Henry, who started off his interview with President Donald Trump’s attorney by asking about the defund the police movement.

“That’s a terrible, terrible overreaction to what’s been created as almost a hysterical reaction to a single incident, and not just a single incident, some instances of police wrongdoing where they actually are unjustified in the use of force,” Giuliani said of the movement.

He continued:

“As the president pointed out and as we all know logically, 99% — if not more — of police contact with the public is appropriate. Either no use of force or in many cases, the use of force saved their lives. After all, more police officers are shot and killed by blacks than police officers shoot and kill African Americans.”

Giuliani went on to throw out two other statistics, neither of which reinforced this claim.

“The unarmed shooters, which are the ones that are troublesome, there are only nine of them against blacks, 20 against whites in 2019,” Giuliani said. “So that will give you a sense. Meanwhile, there were 9,000 murders of blacks, 7,500 of which were black on black.”

Since Giuliani cited numbers from 2019, let’s take a look at statistics for that year. According to The Washington Post‘s Fatal Force database, which documents police killings, 250 people who are black were shot and killed by police in 2019.

The 2019 census found that 13.4 percent of the United States population is black. Of the 1,002 police killings in 2019, nearly 25 percent of them left a black person dead.

In that same year, according to data from the FBI, 89 law enforcement officers were killed in the line of duty. 48 of those officers were feloniously killed. 44 of those were killed by firearms.

The FBI does not break down the number killed by firearms in terms of the race or ethnicity of their assailant, but it does among the 48 officers who were feloniously killed.

Of that number, 15 black or African American people were identified in connection with the law enforcement officers killed in 2019. 250 black people were killed by police officers in that same year.

So far in 2020, 101 black people have killed by police officers, per the Post database. 25 police officers have died from gunfire in 2020, according to a nonprofit that records up-to-date statistics on officers killed in duty.

Using the same data sources for past years: In 2018, 229 black people were killed by cops and 23 police officers were killed on duty, in which the offender was recorded as a black person. In 2017, 224 black people were killed by law enforcement and 16 officers were killed on duty, in which the offender was recorded as a black person.

Between 2015 and 2019, 86 cops were fatally shot in incidents involving a black offender. In that same span, 1,195 black people have been killed by law enforcement.

None of this is a judgement on the circumstances surrounding these shootings. Rather, it simply shows that Giuliani threw out an invented statistic.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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