S.E. Cupp Proposes ‘Something We Can Do Immediately’ on Gun Violence


In the days that have followed the deadliest church shooting in US history, many pundits, politicians, and experts have called for Americans to come together and do more to stop these incidents — but HLN host S.E. Cupp says we already have a solution for this problem, it just has to be used properly.

Devin Kelley — the Sutherland Springs, Texas shooter — reportedly should not have been able to legally purchase the firearms he used due to his history of mental health issues, domestic abuse, and court-martial. However, as Cupp explains, authorities failing to input the killer’s damning record into the National Instant Check System — a background checking database — allowed him to purchase the guns he used to kill 26.

Cupp broke down the problems with NICS in a segment tonight with National Shooting Sports Foundation vice president Larry Keane:

“There is something we can do immediately, we can actually use our existing background system. As was horrifically the case in Texas, it turns out our national instant criminal background check system is not being used as it was intended… The Texas killer should have been in that system due to any number of his issues — from being involuntarily committed to a mental facility, to his conviction of domestic abuse. However, although he was convicted in a military court of assault, the Pentagon failed to submit those records to a NICS database.”

Keane and others are attempting to solve this problem by pushing the “Fix NICS” legistlation — which would incentivize states to submit all record to NICS that would inhibit an individual from legally purchasing a firearm.

“No excuse for this, this tragedy didn’t have to happen — [the shooting] shouldn’t have happened if people had done their job,” explained Keane.

Watch above, via HLN.

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