Sacha Baron Cohen Flashbacks: Ron Paul Blows Up at Bruno Over Intensely Sexual Interview


Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen is back with a new show — Who is America? — and he’s reprising the type of stunt he pulls off like no one else: duping the famous and powerful into sitting down for interviews with his outlandish characters.

Little is known about Cohen’s latest character, and whether or not his new show will feature any of his famed disguises as Ali G, Kazakhstani reporter Borat Sagdiyev, or Austrian fashion journalist Bruno Gehard.

Mediaite is taking a look back at Cohen’s best interviews, and have already covered his battle with 60 Minutes personality Andy Rooney, who bailed on the interview after berating Ali G for his bad grammar.

For this iteration, we look at Bruno’s amazingly awkward interview with Ron Paul, then a Texas Congressman, in a small hotel room.

“Who are you wearing?” Bruno first asked Paul. A crew member then claimed a lightbulb has broken and asked Bruno and Paul to move to a smaller hotel room while they fix the light.

Things descended from there.

Bruno closed the door, and asked Paul if he wants champagne. “There’s no ice bucket but I know a good place to put it,” Bruno said with a chuckle. “I’m going to light some candles by the way, it really loosens you up.”

“Has anyone ever told you you look like Enrique Inglesias?” Bruno continued. “Of course not, you’re much cuter. Oh haha.”

“I love music,” Bruno said, as Paul sat on the edge of a bed and stared at the carpet solemnly. Bruno put music on, and began to strip, as Paul picks up a newspaper. That’s when the congressman called it, and made a dash for the door.

“Get outta here!” Paul cried as Bruno obstructed the door. Paul made it out and yelled at the crew, “this is ended!”

“That’s guy’s queer, he’s crazy, he hit on me, he took his clothes off!” Paul told an aide.

“I couldn’t even shtupp Ru Paul,” Bruno narrated.

Watch above.

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