Scarborough: Playing Politics After Vegas Shooting Was Denounced, But Trump Got Right To It After NYC Attack


Joe Scarborough found it interesting that President Trump was quicker at prescribing policy solutions after last night’s terror attack than he was in the aftermath of last month’s massacre in Las Vegas.

Shortly after a truck driver killed 8 people last night in New York City, the president got on Twitter to renew his call for “extreme vetting.” The president has since used the attack in order to attack his political enemies for their sponsorship of the Diversity Visa Program, which allowed the perpetrator to reside in America for years.

As Scarborough reacted to Trump’s first set of tweets earlier this morning, he remembered how a gun debate seemed inevitable after the mass casualty event in Nevada weeks ago, but there was so much push back at the time from those who said that the tragedy was still too raw to be politicized.

“After a man shot hundreds of people in Las Vegas, we heard for weeks because this was going to be seen as a gun debate, that it was too soon to start talking about policy. Now is not the day to talk about policy. Now is not the week to talk about policy. Now is not the month to talk about policy. Once again, within minutes of an attack, anywhere on the globe, Donald Trump immediately starts talking policy, and he starts talking about his answers through policy, the sort of things that they tell us we can never talk about after hundreds and hundreds of people are shot in Las Vegas.”

Scarborough recalled how there was a lot of talk about a federal ban on bump stocks and similar gun modifiers, but now it seems “the cowards in Congress” are no longer interested in that debate, and Trump is tweeting away without waiting for the facts to be established.

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