Scarborough Shames Trump Rally Crowd For Cheering Attacks on McCain, Bush Sr: ‘The 6,500 Meanest People’


Morning Joe took on President Donald Trump‘s Thursday night rally — in which he attacked Sen. John McCain and former President George H.W. Bush — holding his crowd accountable for encouraging the display.

“To me the worst part of last night,” MSNBC’s Willie Geist said, “is him going after John McCain who’s dying of cancer, again, and George H.W. Bush who just lost his wife and is suffering from Parkinson’s disease.”

During Trump’s rally in Montana, he mocked Bush’s “thousand points of light” quote, and bashing McCain for his vote against Obamacare repeal.

“It’s painful to watch,” GOP political strategist Susan Del Percio said. “This is the President of the United States going after people for a punchline. That’s disgraceful. We should expect more, and just to add on that, he also attacked the press exactly days after five people lost their lives in a shooting.”

“At what point is there decency in the crowd?” Joe Scarborough asked. “Where people stop cheering when he mocks a man who has brain cancer and who’s again, fighting for his life?”

“Or George H.W. Bush, a man who fought in World War II, was shot down by the Japanese, served America overseas as ambassador to China, opening up that relationship, served as ambassador to the United Nations, was a congressman, was a vice president,” Scarborough continued. “Again. I’m not shocked by Donald Trump doing this. Donald Trump doesn’t understand this, because he is the most selfish man who has ever sat in the White House.”

“This is about the Republicans that are sitting in the crowds, that voted for George H.W. Bush in 1998 and 1992, and voted for John McCain in 2008, who are now sitting there laughing at two men in their final days,” Scarborough said. “What does that say about their character?”

“It’s 6,500 people,” Mika Brzezinski noted.

“Well they must have found the 6,500 meanest people,” Scarborough replied.

“This is 6,500 people cheering on lies,” Brzezinski said. “They are being desensitized as they laugh at those who served our country who are dying right now. And he’s bringing them along.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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