Seth Meyers: Is Trump ‘So Subservient’ to Ann Coulter Because She Has a ‘Different Pee Tape?’

On Monday, Seth Meyers wondered why Ann Coulter holds so much sway over President Donald Trump.

The Late Night host started by noting over the weekend, Coulter slammed Trump over his DACA proposal and called him Jeb Bush.

“Wow! She compared him to Jeb Bush, his nemesis from the primaries!” Meyers said, before noting that while Trump prides himself on being a master negotiator, Jeb’s biggest “negotiation” happened during the low point of his campaign.

During that low point, Jeb had to beg his audience to “please clap.”

Meyers then played a clip of Trump also asking the audience for applause, before saying this: “Oh my God, it’s happening, he’s turning into Jeb!”

He then noted we live in surreal times before wondering why Trump felt so compelled to appease Coulter and even tweet out a response to her Twitter criticism.

“Man, why is he so subservient to her?” Meyers, before pondering, does Coulter “have a different pee tape?”

Watch above, via NBC

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