Seth Meyers Hits Trump For Backing Roy Moore: ‘Sexual Predators of a Feather Flock Together’

On Tuesday night, Seth Meyers slammed President Trump for not disavowing GOP Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

The Late Night host wondered for the past two weeks since the scandal broke and while Trump hasn’t weighed in if he would express a “shred of decency” by denouncing the alleged child molester.

“Today, we found out that the old saying is true; sexual predators of a feather flock together,” Meyers quipped.

He then played the clip Trump’s remarks saying that Moore has “denied” the allegations.

“And in fairness to Trump, who are you going to believe,” Meyers asked. “Nine women who don’t know each other and whose stories have been corroborated by dozens of independent sources or a guy who looks like Marlboro Man’s deadbeat dad?”

Meyers then ripped Trump for his accusation that Moore’s Democratic rival Doug Jones is “soft on crime.”

“He’s soft on crime?!?” Meyers reacted. “You’re siding with an accused child molester over a guy who prosecuted the KKK. You’re so soft, you look like a tub of melted Play-Doh!”

Watch the clip above, via NBC.

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