Sharpton Blasts Bieber: ‘Use of the N-Word is Nothing to Be Excused’

Al Sharpton ended his MSNBC show Thursday night by scolding Justin Bieber for using the n-word in videos leaked to the public this week from a few years ago. Sharpton commended Bieber for a swift apology, but still condemned his use of the n-word, and declared that “the use of the n-word is nothing to be excused” in a tolerant American society.

Sharpton said, “I condemn his words because of the culture it creates. This is another teachable moment. No one, no one should use the n-word. It has no place in our culture.”

Sharpton has long taken issue with any usage of the n-word, even in rap music, and ended his piece on Bieber by saying, “Every ethnic group and sexual orientation in this country, you cannot say certain words and you shouldn’t ’cause it’s hate speech. We can’t have one group that there’s no bad words for. We must have standards for everyone or not have standards for anyone.”

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

[image via screengrab]

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