Shepard Smith Rips White House Pattern on Trump Remarks: ‘Say One Thing, Change It Later. Sort Of.’


Fox News’ Shepard Smith tore into White House press secretary Sarah Sanders just minutes after the contentious and heated briefing –the first since July 2 — ended.

Off the bat, Smith noted Sanders was now saying something else about President Donald Trump‘s contentious words about Russia.

Sanders was “reshaping the message, she was, one already delivered by President Trump. Yesterday, the president added an ‘n’t’ to a word and the White House tried to act like the message had changed. It did not.  Today, when asked whether Russia is still targeting the United States, the president said ‘no.’ Just now the press secretary said something else.”

He then played a clip of Sanders claiming Trump was saying “no” to answering questions, not to Russia’s continued targeting of United States.

Smith didn’t buy it.

“He wasn’t asked if he would answer questions,” the Fox host continued on. “He was asked specifically if Russia is still targeting the United States and he said ‘no.’ The truth is recorded. Why he says one thing and then his White House attempts to change it, we really don’t know.”

Smith further noted that Sanders attempt to morph the message at today’s briefing was not just a one-time thing.

“This is part of a pattern,” Smith said.  “One thing is said at the White House and it’s changed in another setting. First, the president trashed the British Prime Minister Theresa May in public. Then, the White House backed it up before she barely survived the challenge in Parliament… It happened again regarding a statement the president made during his summit with Vladimir Putin. About 27 hours, half a dozen tweets and two interviews after that statement, President Trump claims he used the word ‘would’ instead of ‘wouldn’t’ when he said I don’t understand any reason why would be Russia interfering in American democracy. In context, his statement was perfectly clear.”

He concluded by noting that the White House has a repeated pattern of using the tactic,  “Say one thing, change it later. Sort of.”

Watch above, via Fox News

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