‘SHUT UP, MORON!’ Giuliani Erupts on Fox News Guest for Comments About His Ukraine Involvement


After his wild interview with Laura Ingraham on Ukraine tonight, Giuliani returned to the broadcast later in the hour to respond to a comment by one of the Fox host’s guests.

Democrat Chris Hahn told Ingraham, “I just heard the president’s personal, political attorney say that he was directed by the State Department to go meet with the Ukraine to get evidence on the president’s political opponent.”

He was bewildered that Giuliani “is now saying he has evidence, he has all this information, he’s making things up.”

“If the Bidens weren’t public figures, it would be libelous!” Hahn added.

A bit later, Ingraham brought Giuliani back on, and he immediately erupted.

“I should sue you for libel because you irresponsibly said…” he started.

“Please,” Hahn said.

“You actually usually say incredibly stupid things,” Giuliani continued.

You’re a public figure,” Giuliani countered.

When Hahn interjected at one point, Giuliani shouted, “Shut up, moron! Shut up! Shut Up! You don’t know what you’re talking about. You don’t know what you’re talking about, idiot!”

“I do,” Hahn retorted.

“No you don’t, you just lied!” Giuliani cried.

They kept arguing and the president’s lawyer said, “Why don’t you tell him to keep his mouth shut so we could tell the truth! Just keep your lying mouth shut!”

“He said about me that I was asked by the State Department to go dig up political dirt on Trump’s opponent. Totally false. The State Department asked me…” he started to say.

“You just said it!” Hahn cried.

“No, I didn’t, you did, you liar!” Giuliani shot back.k “You did! Turn him out so I can speak. I do not want to be interrupted by that serial liar.”

You can watch the whole thing above, via Fox News.

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