SNL’s President Obama Takes Hilarious Osama Bin Laden Victory Lap/Stand-Up Act

Saturday Night Live opened this week’s show with a parody of CNN’s The Situation Room, with Jason Sudeikis doing a dead-on impression of Wolf Blitzer reporting on an absurdist version of President Obama‘s speech in El Paso this week. Lampooning criticism of the President’s lone, low-key mention of Osama bin Laden‘s killing, Fred Armisen delivered an over-the-top Obama smoking, trash-talking, and basically letting it all hang out.

The President has predictably come under fire for mentioning bin Laden’s killing during a speech at a DNC event in El Paso, Texas. During the speech, someone in the crowd shouted, “Thank you for getting bin Laden,” and later in the speech, the President himself referenced the killing of the terrorist leader, praising the professionals who carried out the raid: (via White House email)

And because of the extraordinary bravery of the men and women who wear this nation’s uniform and the outstanding work of our intelligence agencies, Osama bin Laden will never again threaten the United States of America.  (Applause.)  We couldn’t be prouder of them.

Armisen’s routine, however, featured a cocky President Obama who decided he would “drop the Barack” and just be known as “President Hussein Obama,” and wound up doing a stand-up comedy act, which included a laugh-out-loud funny Jeff Foxworthy reference.

Here’s this week’s cold open, from NBC’s Saturday Night Live:

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