South Park Depicts Snooki As A Terrifying, Rodent-Like Troll Creature

Last night, South Park took on Jersey Shore with all of the gleeful relish you’d imagine. Typically, when the show takes on a target this easily, they try to hit it so that the obvious jokes are eventually turned into something hilariously bizarre (see also: the Paris Hilton episode). This episode was no exception as they took their portrayal of Snooki to the extreme, depicting her as a terrifying, orange monster stalking the streets of South Park in search of “smoosh smoosh.”

Fortunately, the real Snooki didn’t seem to mind (or, at least, she wisely pretended not to mind). After the episode aired, she tweeted “snooki want smoosh smoosh. im going to have nightmares tonight lmao!!! we’ve officially made it.” Of course, it’s easier to let these things go when you’re the star of a hugely popular series and will may get your own spin off. Still, may we all behave as well as Snooki when a cartoon turns us into a monster that tries to rape fourth graders.

On an unrelated note: as hilarious as South Park was, last night’s Ugly Americans was even better, making it one of the best episodes the increasingly appealing show has done. There were no celebrity parodies in it but it did feature a ridiculously trippy storyline in which the pacifist hero had to brutally murder adorable baby versions of his coworker so as to get the real one back. So there’s that.

Check out a clip from South Park below.

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