Spicer Hits Scaramucci on Kimmel: He ‘Proved My Point’ That He Was Unfit For Comms Job


Former Press Secretary Sean Spicer weighed in on Anthony Scaramucci‘s immediate rise and fall as White House Communications Director.

Spicer dispelled the notion that he and The Mooch didn’t get along.

“I had known Anthony from the campaign,” Spicer told Jimmy Kimmel. “He’d done a lot of surrogate work for us on different television networks supporting the president and the campaign. So we had known each other through the campaign.”

But when Scaramucci was hired, Spicer insisted his resignation “wasn’t personal.”

“Anthony has been a very successful — in business he’s made a ton of money but I didn’t feel as though he had the qualifications or background to work in the communications office,” he elaborated. “And my view was is that if I’m going to have to partner with somebody that I don’t believe had the skill set to execute the job, then it was incumbent upon me to either step aside or make my voice known. I did. I told the president. I thought if wanted a clean slate, if he wanted a change, that I respected that. But it was in his best interests to have me step aside completely and let Anthony move forward.”

Kimmel asked Spicer if he “cackled like a maniac” when he read the infamous New Yorker interview. Spicer took the high road and said “it’s not right to relish in someone else’s problems.”

“But again I think it proved my point that to do this job is one in which you have to have the proper background,” Spicer added.

Watch the clip above, via ABC.


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