Stephen Miller Reportedly Escorted From CNN Set After Heated Tapper Interview


Stephen Miller had to be escorted off a CNN set by security on Sunday after he refused to leave following an explosive interview on State of the Union with Jake Tapper, according to Business Insider.

Sources told Business Insider that after the taping of the White House adviser’s interview with Tapper, he was “politely asked to leave several times,” but refused — “ultimately security was called and he was escorted out, the sources said.”

The interview was a lengthy and combative showdown between the two, with Miller lapping his boss President Donald Trump with gooey praise as an increasingly impatient Tapper attempted to ask tough questions.

“I have plenty of questions on immigration — you’ve attempted to filibuster by talking about your flights with the president,” Tapper said, pressing Miller.

“Don’t be condescending, Jake,” Miller shot back.

The interview got so tense that at one point Tapper had to urge Miller to “settle down, calm down.”

Eventually, Tapper cut off the interview early — accusing Miller of performing for “one viewer,” and being “obsequious,” and a “factotum in order to please” Trump.

“I think I’ve wasted enough of my viewers’ time,” the CNN anchor said. “Thank you.”

Tapper then moved on to the next topic, as the White House adviser was heard protesting off screen.

And apparently Miller pleased his “one viewer.” Following the interview, Trump tweeted that his adviser “destroyed” Tapper.

Watch the interview above, via CNN.

UPDATE 10:24 p.m.: A previous update of this story reported that CNN had issued a statement confirming Miller was removed by security. That was based on a tweet by a CBS News producer, who was corrected by CNN’s VP of Communications:

The producer has since issued this amended tweet:

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