Fox & Friends Fight Over Trump Investigations: ‘I Feel Like I’m Getting Heckled Here’


Things got tense on the Fox & Friends “curvy couch” as Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade sparred over multiple criminal investigations into former President Donald Trump.

Trump is set to be arraigned later on Tuesday in a Manhattan District courthouse, but it is Special Counsel Jack Smith and his aggressive approach to the classified documents seized at Mar-a-Lago that was at issue on the Fox News morning show.

In short, Kilmeade is outraged that Trump’s lawyer, Evan Corcoran, and his secret service officers are being brought in to testify in the Mar-a-Lago case.

“They are now making secret service testify. They make his own attorney, (Evan) Corcoran, he has to testify,” Kilmeade said. “Jack Smith is somehow rocket fuel to get Trump in a way that … I can’t believe people aren’t challenging this and saying, even if I don’t like Donald Trump, what’s going on here?”

Doocy then explained, “Because of the crime we have talked about. The crime-fraud exemption. If you get legal advice during the execution of a crime….” to which Kilmeade interrupted, “Almost never happens.”

Doocy: “It happens more than you would believe.”

Kilmeade: “Talk to Mark Levin about that.”

Doocy: “Your attorney-client privilege goes out the window.”

Kilmeade: “How many times has it happened? It’s nuts. You have an attorney and secret service, and you flip them?”

Doocy: “I’m just talking about what is the law. That is the law.

Kilmeade: “Rarely used.”

Doocy: “It’s used in this case.”

Kilmeade: “No kidding.”

Doocy: “I feel like it’s open mic night. I’m getting heckled over here.”

Doocy said the last bit with a smile but followed by saying he was simply explaining the law, to which Kilmeade shot back “I know the law, I’m just saying it almost never happens so it doesn’t matter what the law says.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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