Steve Doocy: Outrage Over Vince Vaughn Meeting Trump Suggests America’s on Brink of Civil War


Fox & Friends took great exception to the liberal outrage Vince Vaughn has been getting after the actor spoke to President Donald Trump on Monday night.

Former Deadspin and Daily Beast employee Timothy Burke uploaded a clip to Twitter of Vaughn speaking to Trump and shaking hands as they attended the 2020 College Football National Championship game in New Orleans.

It’s unclear what kind of conversation Vaughn and Trump had, but Fox & Friends went all on the reactions from those who say the conservative-leaning actor should be “canceled.”

“On what? To be canceled for what? Out of life?” Brian Kilmeade exclaimed. “Because he talked to the president and shook his hand,” Steve Doocy explained.

The curvy couch continued to dig at the outraged reactions, with Doocy asking “Who wouldn’t talk to [the president]” if given the chance. This eventually led to Doocy suggesting that the country’s on the brink of a civil war-type scenario.

“Unless America talks to the other side and we can just talk to each other, this is going to be a country — they might as well split the country right in half, right down the Mississippi,” Doocy said.

“We tried that once,” Kilmeade responded, to which, Doocy replied “Well they did, but that’s what we are going to. If you can’t talk to each other, we are in big trouble.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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