Joe Scarborough Tells Stephen Colbert Biden Is ‘Like Trump, He’s Teflon,’ But Is Unsure About Bloomberg: ‘We Don’t Golf Together’


Morning and late night political worlds collided on Monday as Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski visited Stephen Colbert’s Late Show to offer their takes on the state of the 2020 Democratic primary race. And during their appearance, Scarborough offered up his own inimitable, unique takes on frontrunner Joe Biden and latecomer to the race, Michael Bloomberg.

Colbert kicked off the discussion by noting that one of the pair’s two favorite candidates, Sen. Kamala Harris, has ended her campaign, leaving just Biden as their preferred pick in a field that still officially numbers 12. Biden, too, Colbert said, has struggled at times in the campaign.

Brzezinski protested and instead claimed: “He has performed perfectly,” she emphasized. “Show me. Show me the data where he’s losing and is not the frontrunner.”

While Biden does continue to lead national polling averages by nearly 10 percentage points, his large, early leads in the first two voting states, Iowa and New Hampshire, have completely evaporated. Likewise, his fundraising for the second half of 2019 notably lagged competitors like Sen. Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg.

Colbert, pushing back, referenced the numerous campaign trail gaffes Biden has made and a newly-surfaced video showing the former senator pledging support for the Iraq War months after it began.

“Here’s the about Joe Biden,” Scarborough said, jumping to the candidate’s defense. “He’s like Trump, he’s Teflon. Doesn’t matter how he does in debates or what clips you bring up about the guy, he keeps on keeping on.”

Scarborough’s morning co-host — and wife — clearly did not agree with his analogy. “He’s not like Trump,” interjected Brzezinski, who then closed her eyes and shook her head as her husband and Colbert stepped over each other’s words.

“He can  call somebody fat, he can challenge them to pushups, he’s done this, by the way,” Scarborough added, before Brzezinski again cut in to reinterpret her co-host’s perhaps not-so-heplful help.

“He’s a wonderful man,” she said.

When Colbert turned to Bloomberg, the former mayor of the city that Scarborough and Brzezsinki have lived in for decades, the pair offered surprisingly vague and totally policy-free assessments of his candidacy. Brzezinski vaguely praised Bloomberg’s ads as “incredible” and “powerful,” before adding: “I think he would govern well.”

“Is he a good guy? Is he a good man?” Colbert pressed, to which Brzezinski matter-of-factly replied: “Yes.”

Scarborough, however, took an extra beat to answer, prompting Brzezinski to turn and face him. “I don’t know…I guess he is?!” Scarborough finally said, before adding two bizarre caveats to his already half-hearted analysis. “I mean, we don’t golf together, we don’t take Spanish lessons together.”

“That’s how you find out if somebody’s a good man, by golfing with them?” a clearly amused Colbert shot back, to peals of laughter from the audience.

Moments later, a joking Scarborough followed up with advice for Colbert, who will host Bloomberg on his show on Tuesday. “Can I be clear? I like Michael Bloomberg a lot,” he now said. “Ask him tomorrow night if he’ll give me some money. I need some money.”



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