Suspicious Package Addressed to CNN Intercepted At Atlanta Post Office

CNN is reporting that another suspicious package addressed to CNN studios has been discovered. This example, however, was addressed to the CNN studios based in Atlanta and was intercepted by the local post office before arriving at the Turner Network broadcasting facilities.

The report came live during the 10 AM hour of CNN hosted by Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto, the latter of whom interrupted guest Steve Cortes to deliver the news.

Evan Peretz then offered this insight:

We know that the package was intercepted at a postal facility in Atlanta. It was addressed to CNN. We don’t know to whom it was addressed to at this point. But the president of the network, Jeff Zucker, in a note to the employees today, said that all mail to CNN is being screened at an off-site facility, this is for all bureaus here in the United States.

Watch the live report via CNN above.


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