Texas Lt. Gov. Pushes Replacement Theory on Fox News: Migrant Surge ‘A Plan For the Democrats to Take Over This Country’


Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick (R) encountered no resistance from Fox News as he used an interview to push the “Replacement Theory” on the network’s airwaves.

Patrick spoke to Bill Hemmer on Monday for America’s Newsroom, where he was questioned on the state of Texas’ ongoing pattern of bussing illegal immigrants around the country as a way to generate political pressure for border security. While the program has drawn criticism even from fellow conservatives, Patrick defended the strategy by saying “every mayor of a big blue city…should be on notice” for a bus full of migrants getting dropped off.

The interview went with Patrick flinging insults at President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. He said the two have done nothing to advance their goal of reducing immigration by addressing the root causes that drive immigration up in Central America.

That’s when Patrick moved into the replacement theory:

This is all about bringing people to this country to take over the country, Bill. It’s very simple. We are on pace in [Biden’s] first term to be over 8 million people here illegally. Not counting the got-aways, just the ones we apprehend. That’s the entire population of New York City coming to America. We’ll be a 15 percent or more of the population, the next 5, 10 years of this country, are people who are here illegally.

These people in this line that your viewers have looked at this morning: do you want them to have the right to vote? Who are they gonna vote for? This is a plan for the Democrats to take over this country totally, once and for all…If you add 10 to 10 to 15 million people, and you get them citizenship over this time and they get to vote, that swings every election.

None of these statements met any pushback or questions from Hemmer, who remarked shortly after that they were out of time for the interview.

Patrick’s remarks carry the central components of the replacement theory: a common white supremacist ideology claiming that Democrats and elitists are trying to change America’s population and dilute the political powers of White people by welcoming more immigrants into the country. Fox News has been frequently criticized in the past as Tucker Carlson and others on Fox pushed the replacement theory time, time, time, and time again.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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