The View’s Sunny Hostin Confronts Bloomberg on Stop and Frisk: Apologizing Now ‘Sounds Like a Political Move’


Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg was on The View today talking about his 2020 run, and at one point he was confronted over stop-and-frisk.

Bloomberg had defended the police practice for years, until just two months ago when he offered an apology and said he got it wrong. Stephen Colbert called Bloomberg out last night for only just recently changing his opinion.

This morning, Sunny Hostin brought up the subject again and said, “It caused 600 [percent] increase in police stops that disproportionately targeted black and Latino men, 90 percent of whom were innocent.”

“We’re talking about 14 stops out of 10,000 only produced a gun, okay,” she continued. “Many questioned the authenticity of that policy, mayor Bloomberg, myself included, only because in January of that year you stood up for stop and frisk. So what happened between January and November that caused this change of heart? Because it sounds like a political move to me.”

Bloomberg said in response, “It saved a lot of lives, but during that period, in looking back, it certainly got out of hand and we stopped more. You’re never going to have everybody that you stop with a gun, we don’t know, but the courts had said you can do this, that, or the other thing. The bottom line is when I saw it was — we had gone way overboard, I stopped it and before I left office we cut 95 percent of it out. Then I apologized when enough people said to me ‘you were wrong’ and I thought about it, and I wish I had done it earlier. I just didn’t. So you apologize and go on.”

You can watch above, via ABC.

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