‘The Wall’s Going to Get Built, Folks’: Trump Defiant on Border Wall


President Donald Trump shot back at reports that he plans on backing down on his controversial border wall in order to push through a spending bill this Friday needed to avoid a government shutdown.

“The wall’s going to get built, folks,” Trump told reporters at the signing of an executive order on agriculture at the White House Tuesday. “In case anyone has any question, the wall is going to get built.”

“I don’t know what people are talking about, you know, I watch these shows, and the pundits in the morning, they don’t know what they’re talking about. The wall gets built, 100%,” he continued.

When asked if the wall will be built in his first term, the president responded, “Yes, we have plenty of time.”

Despite Trump’s comments, NBC News reported today that the GOP has dropped the $1 billion down-payment for the controversial wall from their proposal for a spending bill required to keep the government running past Friday.

Trump had repeatedly insisted that funding for the wall be included in the spending bill, despite the political reality that allocating funds for a wall was a nonstarter for Democrats needed to pass the bill.

Reports circulated Monday that Trump was planning to back down from his demand to fund the wall as part of the current spending bill, and would return to the funding issue in September. Trump appeared to push back on these reports with a tweet Tuesday morning.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer also denied reports that the wall will be delayed in his daily press briefing.

“Yesterday, President Trump reportedly said that he’s going to delay pushing the wall through. Can you just clarify what the status is?” Vivian Salama of the Associated Press asked Spicer.

“The president made very clear, I think he tweeted about this earlier, his priorities have not changed,” Spicer responded. “There will be a wall built.”

“It’s important to prevent human trafficking, gangs like MS-13 from coming into the country, the flow of illegal drugs, illegal immigration,” Spicer continued.

When Salama pressed Spicer on whether the wall will be delayed until 2018, he responded “No, no, no, I never––no one said delayed.”

ABC’s Jonathan Karl later asked Spicer to clarify whether Trump will demand that funding for the wall be included in the current spending bill.

“I think the President’s been very clear that he wants a wall. He wants it done as soon as we can do it,” Spicer said.

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