TheBlaze’s Lawrence Jones: Liberals Are Busing in ‘Leftist Agitators’ to Create ‘Chaos’ at Protests


Much of the attention on cable news this morning was directed towards St. Louis, where protests over the acquittal of former St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley grew somewhat violent last night, leading to dozens of arrests and several police officers treated for injuries.

During an appearance on Fox & Friends this morning, frequent Fox News guest and TheBlaze host Lawrence Jones III weighed in on the protests. And he knew just who to point the finger at whenever protests grow in size and violence.

After F&F host Pete Hegseth stated that there were people in masks and with weapons at the demonstrations and called the protests “rioting,” Jones agreed that the moment a protest grows violent it becomes a riot. He then pointed to the reaction in Ferguson when Darren Wilson was not charged in Michael Brown’s death, stating that the majority of those arrested for looting and violence were from outside Ferguson.

And that’s when he made this claim regarding demonstrations in the St. Louis area:

“So what you’re seeing is there a lot of these leftist agitators like Antifa are being bused in by the liberals to create this chaos. Remember, a lot of these businesses that were torched during the Ferguson decision are still rebuilding back from 2014, so you don’t realize, a lot of people don’t realize, this is not the city doing this, these are people that are paid to create chaos.”

So, as you can see, Jones not only pushed one dubious assertion — protesters are being bused into areas — but also put forth the whole “paid protesters” trope that has been out there for a while now.

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