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Thursday Night’s The X-Factor Elimination Produces Television’s Most Awkward Tears

Rachel Crow was eliminated from The X Factor on Thursday night, and — for as sad as it was to see a 13 year-old with a rough childhood have her dreams crushed — her breakdown was one of the most awkward and compelling ever seen on a reality television competition.

The judge deliberation helped heighten the drama, capped off by Nicole Scherzinger‘s nearly-incomprehensible hemming and hawing over who she wanted to send home. Her vote for Rachel deadlocked the panel, meaning America’s vote would determine who got booted. When Steve Jones read off Crow’s name, she initially seemed to be fine with it, then collapsed into tears on the stage. Marcus Canty, the singer saved from elimination, tried to reach over to console her, but Jones shooed him away.

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That was the beginning of more weirdness, as Simon Cowell came on stage to console Crow, joined by her mother. She repeated “you promised me” to her mom a few times as the camera panned back to Scherzinger, who was also in a near-inconsolable mood at her judging seat. At the end of Crow’s little send-off tape, Cowell promised we’d be hearing more from her, while Scherzinger was still too shaken up to give any comment.

So… good times all around!

Watch video of Rachel Crow’s elimination below, courtesy of Fox:

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