Time-Lapse Video: Creating Conan’s “Ultimate Holiday Set”

If you’ve caught Conan this week, you’ve probably seen his over-the-top, no Christmas cliche left off the table–and a few new ones introduced, like Godzilla, King Kong, and the Larry King shrine. The debut of the biggest, baddest holiday set in late night all of recorded history clearly took some time to put together.

How much time? Two days. Curious to see it in a thirty second time-lapse? Of course you are. Well, your holiday prayers have been answered, thanks to Team Coco. The set work involved the entire Conan crew and, we’re just guessing here, some serious supplies of beer and/or holiday-themed beverages. Here’s how the Conan Crew put it:

It took two solid days of hard work by the CONAN crew to make our set look so insanely cool – and we installed a time lapse camera to catch the whole thing on tape! Check it out – and if you pay close attention, you might even pick up some last minute holiday decorating tips. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Yes, holiday decorating tips. Now where in heck can I find a last minute holiday Godzilla for my daughter’s first Christmas? I’m a terrible father!

Watch the time-lapse here, from TEAM COCO at TBS:

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