Tom Price Defends GOP Health Care Bill: ‘We Don’t Believe’ Anyone Will Lose Coverage


Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price appeared on MSNBC on Friday, where he defended the American Health Care Act by insisting that no one will be stripped of their coverage if Obamacare is repealed and replaced.

Various political figures, including multiple GOPers, have expressed concern that the new health bill could make the Affordable Care Act’s problems worse than they were before. Price took questions about this from Willie Geist today, and he was asked, specifically, about fears that a destabilized transition could result in millions of people getting moved off health care.

“We don’t want anybody to lose their health coverage or their healthcare,” Price said. “We don’t believe that individuals will lose coverage at all, so long as they’re able to select the kind of plan that they want for themselves and for their family.”

Price went on to say that Obamacare is already forcing people out of health coverage, and that the new bill will grant people more choices for how to stay covered. Geist continued to press on, asking Price if anyone covered under the Affordable Care Act would lose coverage if the bill were passed and signed into law today.

Price said that the bill’s transition timeline would allow people to move onto a new plan, and they wouldn’t have to rely on a government-prescribed system based on increased premiums and deductibles. Price also said the argument that millions will lose coverage does not account for the reforms and changes the new bill would entail.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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