Drudge Reports on Bloomberg Report on Trump Report on Drudge Report on Bloomberg Report


Alright, let’s work backwards on this one.

Bloomberg reported Friday morning that the February jobs report showed strong employment gains during President Donald Trump‘s first month in office. The U.S. economy added 235,000 jobs and the unemployment rate fell to 4.7 percent.

That led to the story being made the headline on The Drudge Report with triumphant headline “GREAT AGAIN: +235,000” and a link to Bloomberg.

That in turn led to the president retweeting the Drudge Report tweet, racking up thousands of retweets.

Donald Trump rt

Bloomberg then ending up writing a story about Trump’s retweet of the Drudge Report: “Trump Points to Drudge’s ‘Great Again’ Praise of New Jobs Report.”

But then Drudge changed his headline so that it now links to the second Bloomberg story.

Drudge Trump

So to summarize, The Drudge Report is now reporting that Bloomberg reported that Trump reported that Drudge reported on a Bloomberg report that the jobs report was good.

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