‘I Don’t Say That With Hysteria’: Mika Brzezinski Says Trump Presidency Has ‘No Credibility’ Now


During today’s broadcast of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough lit into the Trump administration over the revelations that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was working as a foreign agent through the presidential campaign and the transition.

Scarborough highlighted that this is something that wouldn’t have happened in the past and should be generally surprising, but perhaps isn’t anymore.

“He was an agent of a foreign country of Turkey throughout the in-phases of the campaign, and even when Donald Trump got elected,” he noted. “It’s shocking. I guess it shouldn’t be shocking. This is the sort of thing that would not happen in past administrations, but there are — apparently, everything goes ethically.”

“The press needs to follow-up and need to keep asking the question,” Scarborough later stated. “Did they know? If they did know, that is bad as if they didn’t know. Because if they didn’t know, it was one of the most unprofessional sloppy vetting processes that I’ve ever heard of in Washington.”

Brzezinski would then weigh in with her thoughts about how this paints the White House and Trump’s transition to the presidency.

“They have made a joke of the entire transition process and this presidency has no credibility where we stand right now,” she exclaimed. “I don’t say that with hysteria. I don’t say that with shrillness. I say that with a deep sense of concern.”

Scarborough snarkily opined on Mika’s reaction, once again slamming The Week for describing her as “tearfully addressing” Trump’s wiretap claims a few days ago, all while she played along.

“Maybe you think she is crying but no, she is just pissed off,” Scarborough pointed out.

Watch the segment above, via MSNBC.

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