Tom Price

Tom Price Redux? Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke Facing Investigation Over Private Charter Flights

NBC’s Tom Brokaw Gets Clever With Tom Price Scandal: ‘His Flight Plan Ran Out of Runway’

Blue Check Twitter Mocks Tom Price’s Resignation: ‘Too Much Baggage, Overhead’

Tom Price Resigns as Health and Human Services Secretary

Trump Calls Price ‘A Very Good Man,’ Says He Will Announce Price’s Fate Tonight (UPDATE: Price Resigns)

The View’s Joy Behar: Trump Cabinet ‘Chartering Jets Like It’s Their Personal Uber Account’

Ryan Zinke Dismisses Reports About His Own Private Jet Use as ‘A Little B.S.’

Morning Joe Slams Trump’s ‘Crony Cabinet’ for Jets: ‘Stupidity on Top of Moral Corruption’

HHS Sec. Tom Price’s Private and Military Jet Use Cost Taxpayers Over $1M

CNN Panel Piles on Price for ‘Pricey Private Planes’: Draining the Swamp?

Tom Price Confirms That Trump Was Upset Over Private Flights: ‘He Wasn’t Happy’

Bret Baier Grills Tom Price Over Private Flights on Taxpayers’ Dime: ‘What Were You Thinking?’

BREAKING: Tom Price Says He Will Stop Taking Private Flights, Reimburse Taxpayers

HHS Sec. Tom Price: ‘I Think We’ve Still Got the Full Confidence of the President’

Trump Says He’s ‘Not Happy’ With HHS Sec. Tom Price Over Private Jet Use

HHS Sec. Tom Price Has Cost Taxpayers at Least $300K on Private Jets Since May

HHS Sec. Tom Price Blowing Tens of Thousands on Private Jet Travel

Chuck Todd to HHS Sec. Tom Price: ‘It’s Pretty Clear a Full Repeal Can’t Be Done’ Right Now

Trump Tells Boy Scouts He Hopes He Can ‘Kill Obamacare’ to Chants of USA! USA!

Trump Tells Boy Scouts: ‘We Could Use Some More Loyalty’

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