Trump Complains No One Defended Him on Fox News After Commentator Mocks Him For Bible Stunt


President Donald Trump complained on Thursday that nobody on Fox News defended him after contributor Jessica Tarlov ripped his visit to St. John’s Episcopal Church the day after it was set on fire by protesters last month.

“A @FoxNews commentator just ripped me with lies, with nobody defending,” the president complained on Twitter. “They talked about the ‘friendly’ protesters (they set the Church on fire the day before. They were anything but friendly), and how I stood and held the Bible upside down – it wasn’t upside down.”

Trump’s complaint came after Tarlov, a liberal commentator on Fox News, criticized his walk to the church that followed protestors and media being violently cleared from outside the White House.

“The vast majority of Americans are on the side of the protesters. They have negative reaction to the way that President Trump has handled the racial justice crisis in this country,” claimed Tarlov on America’s Newsroom, Thursday. “His speech — before he went out through Lafayette Park and when they tear gassed peaceful protesters that were there so he could have a photo op in front of a church holding a Bible upside down — went terribly for him, and the American public sees through it.”

President Trump tagged Fox News host Ed Henry — who moderated the segment along with co-host Sandra Smith — in the post.

The president has frequently bashed Fox News recently, and on Monday, in an interview with CBN, he said, “I don’t like what they’re doing at Fox News… They have people on that network that are horrible, vicious. You have people that work for Schumer, you have people who are unbelievably against us and viciously and they spew lies… I’m not happy with Fox.”

This month alone, Trump also scolded Fox News over a report on the border wall, compared the “lost” network to CNN, and declared, “Fox is terrible!”

In May, the president attacked the network for “doing nothing to help Republicans, and me, get re-elected on November 3rd.”

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