Trump Snaps at Stephanopoulos: ‘You’re Being a Little Wise Guy, Okay, Which is Typical for You’


ABC News has released more interview footage between President Donald Trump and Good Morning America anchor George Stephanopoulos Friday morning in which the commander in chief appears to dismiss his former White House counsel Don McGahn as “confused,” and claimed it “doesn’t matter” what he told Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

McGahn provided 30 hours of testimony to the office of Special Counsel, from which damaging details emerged about possible obstruction of justice charges that lay at the center of the current debate over House impeachment investigations. McGahn revealed to Mueller that Trump directed him to fire Robert Mueller and also alleged that Trump directed him to give false statements. McGahan refused both directions.

Stephanopoulos pressed the president on this to which he replied “The story on that very simply, No. 1, I was never going to fire Mueller. I never suggested firing Mueller.”

After Stephanopoulos followed up by asking about McGahn’s testimony, Trump offered, “I don’t care what he says, it doesn’t matter.”

Stephanopoulos later asked, “Why would [McGahn] lie under oath?”

“Because he wanted to make himself look like a good lawyer,” Trump said. “Or he believed it because I would constantly tell anybody that would listen — including you, including the media — that Robert Mueller was conflicted. Robert Mueller had a total conflict of interest.”

The heated exchange also included Trump hitting back after Stephanopoulos asked why he didn’t answer Mueller’s questions under oath, telling the GMA anchor, “Look, George, you’re being a little wise guy, okay, which is typical for you. Just so you understand, very simple, it is very simple, there was no crime.”

Watch above via ABC News.

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