Trump, Inspired By Least Self-Aware Fox & Friends Segment, Complains About ‘One-Sided’ Bias of Late Night Comedy

President Donald Trump complained about overly politicized and biased television programming Wednesday morning, after watching a segment on his favorite cable new program that is widely considered to be overly politicized and biased.

Fox & Friends jumped on recent comments made by Jay Leno, in which the former late-night host complained about the over-politicization of current late night programs, or how “tough” it is when viewers only see political comedy as “one-sided.”

During a visit to the set of NBC’s Today Show, Leno recalled a simpler time in television programming and drew a distinction between news programs and entertainment shows that “make fun of the news and get your mind off the news.”

Fox News morning show Fox & Friends is considered a safe space for not just supporters of Trump, but also for Mr. Trump himself, who reportedly considers it his favorite cable news program and regularly tweets out nuggets of infotainment gleaned from his morning ritual of watching the show. It is an opinion program, not a “news” one, that is specifically programmed to appeal to a pro-Trump audience.

Take, for example, the Wednesday morning Trump tweet, in which after watching the breakfast show he called out the “one-sided hatred” of “unwatchable” late night comedy:

Watch above via Fox News.

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