Trump Steamrolls NBC Reporter, Takes Shots at Krauthammer and Jonah Goldberg


Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 1.51.17 PMFor those who didn’t watch Donald Trump‘s lengthy interview with NBC’s Katy Tur this afternoon, here’s a one-sentence summation: The Republican candidate constantly chided and condescended to his interviewer, talked smack about his critics, and repeated all the same claims he’s made about Mexico over the past few weeks.

Asked whether he’s concerned about gun violence in America, Trump responded that he’s a “big Second Amendment person.”

And when Tur asked whether he owns a gun, the following exchange ensued:

TRUMP: I have the license to have a gun, yes, I do.

TUR: Do you own one?

TRUMP: Yes, I do.

TUR: Do you use it? Gun range?

TRUMP: That’s none of your business. It’s really none of your business. I have a license to have a gun.

TUR: Gun control?

TRUMP: What are you talking about?

TUR: Or stronger background checks?

TRUMP: Yes, I have a gun and, yes, I have a permit to have a gun.

TUR: Stronger background checks? What about that? Is there any steps that you would take to make it harder to get a gun in this country?

TRUMP: Once you get into that, you start getting into a situation, the slippery slope where all of a sudden you’re going to really violate the Second Amendment. I don’t want to do anything to violate the Second Amendment. To me, the Second Amendment is very important.

And then came Trump’s time to bash all his famous conservative critics.

On Charles Krauthammer, who called him a “rodeo clown”: He’s “a totally overrated person that dislikes me personally. I’ve never met him. He’s a totally overrated guy, doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

On Jonah Goldberg, who compared him to a “failed man”: “I’m worth a fortune. You know, it’s interesting. I went to the best school, got great marks, everything else. I went out, I made a fortune, a big fortune, a tremendous fortune… bigger than people even understand. […] Then I get called by a guy that can’t buy a pair of pants, I get called names?” [Ed. note: Huh? Does anyone know why Trump would think Goldberg can’t buy pants? Send tips to]

“By the way,” Trump smirked at Tur, “are you going to mention the ones that do like Trump? No, you don’t do that.”

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:

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