Trump Tweets Praise of Fox & Friends Moments After Segment Bashing Media Coverage of Comey Hearing


In the wake of yesterday’s testimony of former FBI Director James Comey, the President Trump tweeted out praise for what appears to be his favorite cable news program:

So…what was Fox & Friends discussing in the moments before that Trump tweeted his praise? A segment that — shocker —
harshly criticized perceived bias media bias in the “mainstream media” coverage that followed the Comey testimony.

After airing a number of clips from MSNBC and CNN that were critical of Trump, host Harris Faulkner asked her guest, Bre Payton, staff writer for conservative outlet The Federalist about “two different narratives in the media last night.”

Not surprisingly, Payton focused on criticizing both media coverage — “it’s very shocking to see a narrative come out painting him as a boy scout who is on this quixotic quest for truth and justice” — AND the very character of James Comey, who she called “a spineless weasel who has a history of manipulating the media to cover his own tail.”

We cannot prove this, but it may have been that very moment that President Trump took out his iPhone and thought to himself “good stuff Fox & Friends. I’m going to tweet something nice about them.” And here we are.

It’s a widely accepted fact that President Trump watches a fair amount of cable news, particularly in the early and later parts of the day when he is in the White House residence. He has also gone on record in support and admiration for the Fox News morning show Fox & Friends, a program on which he used to appear as regular guest.

Watch the segment above, courtesy of Fox News.

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