Tucker Carlson Claims the New York Times ‘Is Committing Fraud’ to Keep Subscribers


Citing audio of a New York Times customer service representative, Tucker Carlson accused the newspaper of committing fraud in order keep subscribers.

The Fox News host said that his producer bought a Times subscription last year, but decided to cancel when the outlet raised the price to $17 a month. According to Carlson, the Times told the producer the cancelation would go through, but the producer was billed again in May.

He stated the producer called again this week to reiterate his desire to cancel the subscription and again was told it would go through. The host stated the producer was hit with (apparently) a second $17 bill this month.

“So, we called the Times to find what’s going,” Carlson said. “Within minutes, the customer service reps service of the New York Times confessed that the company is committing fraud.”

He then played audio of the representative, who confessed to no such thing:

It looks like the first time you tried to cancel this, or at least the first time that one of our advocates tried to cancel it, this was when you wrote in to us on chat and that would’ve been the 13th of April this year. The reason that it was not canceled, it was rejected in the system due to an in progress transaction attempt.


Now, it looks like again, someone tried to cancel it and that was on the 11th.


They got the exact same system response. System was still trying to process the transaction.

“Oh,” reacted Carlson. “So the system won’t let you cancel your Times subscription even if you don’t want it. Our requests were rejected on two separate occasions a month apart. Now, according to the newspaper the system simply wouldn’t allow it either time.”

He stated the producer requested a refund and aired the customer service rep’s response.

“Now as for the refund of those two transactions you were trying to avoid, it does not look like that those were processed at all,” she said. Then, she proceeded to attempt to process the refund, but apparently got a confusing message.

“So, I’m going to have to do that for you now, which shouldn’t be a problem. Right? ‘Billing event is being processed.’ Why is there another event being processed? That doesn’t make any sense.”

Carlson accused the Times of ripping off customers and claimed it’s the only way the company can stay in business.

He added, “Class action lawsuit, anyone?”

Watch above via Fox News.

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