Tucker Carlson Goes After Hillary Clinton: ‘Compared to You, I’m the Feminist!’


Over the past few days, Hillary Clinton has seen herself in the news, for better and worse. There was the New York Times story about her keeping on an advisor to her 2008 presidential campaign despite a sexual harassment claim made against him. She was filmed saying “activist bitches supporting bitches” in a viral tweet. And, of course, there was her cameo at the Grammys.

During this evening’s broadcast of Tucker Carlson Tonight, host Tucker Carlson covered all three of those stories before saying that the thing that most bothers him about Clinton is she describes herself as a feminist.

Carlson brought on frequent guest Mark Steyn, who compared the video of Clinton cussing to “some weird kind of Golden Girls.” Steyn claimed that the clip was ridiculous because it came out when Clinton had been “exposed yet again” as an “enabler of men who prey on women.”

“Compared to you, I’m the feminist!” Carlson exclaimed about Clinton, adding that he would “can” any men in his office that were harassing women.

Later in another interview with Time digital lifestyle director Julie Alvin, Carlson reiterated that he was feminist compared to Clinton. He tangled with Alvin as he wanted her to call Clinton not firing her advisor “appalling” and pushed her to defend Clinton’s record as a feminist.

At one point, Alvin noted that Carlson was calling himself a feminist in comparison to the former First Lady but wasn’t fighting for equal pay or laws preventing violence against women.

“I treat actual living women well and she doesn’t,” Carlson snarked back, causing a bit of a back-and-forth.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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