Tucker Carlson Goes to the Mat for Roger Stone: Trump Could Save His Life and ‘End This Nonsense Forever’ With a Pardon


Fox News host Tucker Carlson made a direct plea to President Donald Trump Wednesday night on his show to pardon longtime Trump ally and dirty trickster Roger Stone.

During a monologue midway through the show, Carlson didn’t hold back stating, “the president must pardon Roger Stone or commute his sentence before he goes to jail,” adding that he and viewers will be watching.

Trump stated Tuesday in the Oval Office that Stone’s prosecution was “ridiculous” and “horrible.”

Carlson began the segment by outlining that Stone, 67, has no criminal record and was only found guilty of lying. The Fox host further claimed that Stone’s sentence far exceeds the amount of time spent in prison by rapists and armed robbers.

“Now for perspective on that sentence, the typical rapist in this country spends four years in prison — armed robbers, three years, thugs who commit violent assault, less than a year and a half,” Carlson stated.

“CNN has been is actually ghoulish on the subject. You’ll remember that prosecutors tipped off Jeff Zucker’s network last year so they could have cameras at his place when dozens of federal agents armed with automatic weapons dragged Roger Stone from his home at dawn.”

Carlson then continued to take aim CNN over their pundits praising the move to jail Stone for his offenses.

The Fox News host continued, “Talk about state TV. For the last few days, the hyenas on CNN have been driven into hysteria by the thought that the Justice Department might reduce Roger Stone’s sentence even by a day.”

Carlson then played a few segments from pundits on CNN, stating in part that they believe Stone’s sentence was fair.

The primetime Fox News host then continued riffing, “But at least it’s now clear what’s actually going on. This is a pure political hit. Roger Stone is facing prison because he is a high profile, Donald Trump supporter. It’s that simple.”

Carlson then went after Judge Amy Berman Jackson — who presided over the Stone trial — billing her as an “out-of-control democratic partisan.”

“[She has] strip[ped] Roger Stone of his First Amendment rights and prevented him from making a living, coming on this show, for example, speaking at all in public. Now Stone and his wife, who is 71 years old and deaf, have lost their home because of it. They have no insurance; they are utterly broken. The whole thing is shocking, and it’s disgusting,” Carlson continued.

“It’s a farce that discredits the entire American justice system. The president seems to understand that. He cannot allow this miscarriage of justice; he tweeted recently. He is right. On a couple of levels.”

Carlson then made the case that all that is happening to Stone is politically charged and entirely unfair.

“What’s happening to Roger Stone is totally wrong. It’s immoral and we should not allowed in this country. But politically, it has significant scum too played Stone’s prosecution was designed in part to confirm the fantasies that Democrats have constructed to explain the outcome of the 2016 election. His conviction helps their case. In other words, if the Russia collusion story was a hoax, and of course it both certainly was a hoax, then why is Roger Stone going to prison for his role in it? If Roger Stone serves even a single day behind bars, the Russia lie will be validated as true. Stone’s imprisonment will be prima facie evidence in their view of Democrats.”

The Fox News host then made a direct plea to Trump, pardon Stone and let the Democrats “howl” over the possible pardon.

“So at this point, there is really one solution. The president must pardon Roger Stone or commute his sentence before he goes to jail. Democrats will howl if he does that. Well, they are helping anyway. They howl every day. Chuck Schumer is now yelping about another investigation into Roger Stone. Russiagate 2. In one entirely constitutional act, the president could save Roger Stone’s life, vindicate himself, and end this nonsense forever. Let’s hope he does it. We’ll be watching,” Carlson concluded.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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