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Tucker Carlson Loses It On Anti-NRA House Candidate, Cuts Off Segment: ‘Tough Guy… Interview Over!’

Tucker Carlson has been Tucked.

The Fox News host, who is known for his signature style of beating down guests with combative interviews until they appear too flustered to go on, fell victim to his own tactics while having on an anti-NRA congressional candidate — as he ended the segment by dramatically losing it and cutting off his opponent.

The candidate, Democrat Pat Davis, is running to represent New Mexico’s 1st Congressional District in the House, and he released a campaign ad defiantly stating, “Fuck the NRA. Their pro-game policies have resulted in dead children, dead mothers, and dead fathers.”

Carlson began the segment by playing the ad and asking Davis if it was “kind of moronic,” to which the candidate replied by pointing out how the short ad got “a whole lot of attention and started a new conversation about guns.” The host responded by suggesting his use of “the F word in the ad” is degrading.

“Being polite hasn’t made our schools in his favor. It hasn’t protected police officers, like I used to be,” responded Davis, a former cop. “If a cuss word on TV offends you more than dead children in parkland or Newtown then your priorities are all wrong.”

Carlson, who frequently features segments attacking liberals for being too sensitive, assured viewers that he was not “offended,” but added, “Is rudeness going to save lives do you think?”

He followed up the question by repeatedly asking “how many NRA members have committed mass shootings” and joking about how Davis’ “fraternity house” probably loved the ad, even though Carlson suggested it did not contribute to “an adult conversation.”

The host then played his classic game of diving into semantics to crush opponents — with this particular segment focusing on how many rounds a minute an AR-15 rifle shoots, so as to prove that “Mr. Tough, I was a cop guy” Davis didn’t know what he was talking about.

Carlson eventually asked Davis to apologize for his remarks, mimicing him in what was apparently the host’s “tough guy” voice.

“I thought politeness didn’t work tough guy!?” Carlson barked after the Davis made an appeal for discourse. “You know what works? Actually facts work, why don’t you get some facts.”

He continued: “Oh Pat, do you like this new mode of communication we have? F the NRA Pat! Alright tough guy. Learn something about guns and get back to me.”

“Interview over! Yeah because you don’t know what you’re talking about!” Carlson concluded, cutting off the candidate’s feed.

“Let’s go back to politeness, I liked it better,” concluded Carlson, who clearly thought he got the best of the exchange by getting very worked up over a cuss word.

Watch the mess above, via Fox News.

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