Van Jones Calls Out Trump Tweet on ‘Shooting’ Protestors: ‘You Don’t Use Deadly Force to Protect Property’


CNN’s Van Jones called out President Donald Trump on Friday over his Twitter post warning “when the looting starts, the shooting starts,” during the Minneapolis riots early Friday morning.

“I think it’s highly inappropriate for the president to say that for a number of reasons,” declared Jones. “One, that’s not the standard of the law. You use deadly force to protect life, you don’t use deadly force to protect property, and so it’s just it is a misstatement of the law.”

“Also, it’s an irresponsible statement because this really is a moment where striking the right balance, calling for obviously public safety and order,” he continued. “I’m certainly not a part of the pro-crime lobby, raising two black boys in Los Angeles, but there’s a balance that has to be struck, and I think the president should reconsider his course because this is not over. We could be spiraling away from each other.”

Jones concluded, “I’ve been encouraged by the Department of Justice and the president leaning forward and saying this is something they want to look into, but I’m discouraged by tweets like that.”

President Trump’s Twitter post was censored by the social network early on Friday morning, with the company claiming it “violated the Twitter Rules about glorifying violence.”

Trump’s quote was posted shortly after on the official White House Twitter account.

Watch above via CNN.

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