WATCH: Trump Drops F-Bomb on Hot Mic After Spotting Ink Stain Moments Before Oval Office Speech


The public got rare insight into the moments right before and after President Donald Trump’s Oval Office address about the coronavirus pandemic on Wednesday night, as a hot mic picked up him freaking out over a pen mark on his shirt seconds prior to broadcast and C-SPAN’s livestream showed him dropping his formal demeanor in the moments following the speech

As reporters waited for the video feed of the presidential address to begin, a live mic apparently turned on before the speech broadcast the unmistakable voice of Trump noticing a pen mark in his shirt and slightly panicking: “A what? Oh fuck…uh oh, I gotta pen mark. Anybody, anybody have any white stuff?”

Then, after his address from the Oval Office, Trump could be seen letting out a massive sigh of relief — in a candid moment captured by a C-SPAN camera still rolling in the room.

Awaiting the all-clear, Trump — after concluding his remarks — sat patiently until a voice could be heard stating, “we’re clear.”

Trump then said, “Okayyyyyyy!” before a man stepped into the frame to remove a microphone from inside the president’s coat jacket.

Watch above, via CSPAN.

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