Watch Devin Nunes Suddenly Recall Phone Call With Lev Parnas: ‘I Just Didn’t Know the Name’


Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) seemed to suddenly remember his phone conversations with Lev Parnas, just in time to intercept Rudy Giuliani’s indicted affiliate before his interviews with multiple news outlets.

Weeks ago, Nunes’ phone records were released as part of the impeachment report on President Donald Trump, and they showed the House Intelligence committee ranking Republican having multiple calls with Parnas and Giuliani in the midst of the Ukraine scandal. The release prompted questions about whether Nunes is connected to the scandal, and he has responded to the allegations against him by offering shifting, wishy-washy explanations for whether he knew Parnas, whether they were in contact with each other, and why.

Nunes gave an interview to Fox News’ Martha MacCallum on Wednesday night, he was challenged over Parnas’ insistence that Trump knew of his actions with Ukraine. Nunes dismissed Parnas as someone with “major felonies” who “doesn’t tell the truth,” but eventually he said that he did have a call with Parnas.

“If you recall, that [story] was brand new when that came out, when I came on your show,” Nunes said. “I just didn’t know the name, the name Parnas.”

After saying he can now remember the call, which he described as “very odd and random,” Nunes was asked if there was any discussion about the smear campaign against Marie Yovanovitch. He answered that he never heard her name “until this impeachment sham started” before he diverted to his dubious claims about Democrats in Ukraine perpetuating the “Russia hoax.”

“[Yovanovitch] had the right to express her personal opinion, but she was very supportive of the old regime, did not support Zelensky, so I don’t think there is any problem here,” said Nunes

“It’s a little creepy to hear people saying that she is being tracked, they know where her phone is, she’s on her phone, off her phone, some of that is likely going to come up in this trial,” MacCallum commented.

“I would just say welcome to my world,” Nunes responded. “That is what the Democrats have been doing to me for the last three years.”

The rest of Parnas’ interview with Rachel Maddow was highly problematic for Trump, for he accused the president of lying, outlined a clear quid pro quo with Ukraine, and said Trump was entirely motivated by going after the Biden family. Parnas insisted that Nunes was involved in the scheme and knew who he was.

Watch above, via Fox News

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