Devin Nunes on Phone Records: ‘I Got a Call from a Number That Was Parnas’ Wife,’ Handed to Staff


House Judiciary Ranking Republican Devin Nunes came up with an alibi for why his phone records show him holding multiple phone calls with Rudy Giuliani’s indicted associate, Lev Parnas.

In an interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures, Nunes called it “sickening” for Committee Chairman Adam Schiff to release his phone records in the report on President Donald Trump’s impeachable conduct. Nunes went on from there by threatening further legal action over the release of his records, railing against the Democrats’ “phony narrative” against Trump, and insisting he wasn’t part of the smear campaign Giuliani and other Trump allies conducted against former ambassador Marie Yovanovitch.

“If I wanted an ambassador fired, I’d pick up the phone and I’d call the president,” Nunes said. “I’m quite sure the president would take my call, and I’m quite sure he would probably listen to me. I would have no reason to work it through staff, work it through people I don’t know, work it through Rudy Giuliani. The whole thing absurd on its face.”

Nunes continued by pushing back on allegations that he spoke with former Ukrainian officials for the effort to gather dirt on Joe Biden, and he railed against CNN for trying to ask him questions in Congress instead of meeting him in court. As he slammed CNN for using Parnas as a source for their reporting on Nunes, Bartiromo asked the congressman “were you ever on the phone with him.”

“I got a call from a number that was Parnas’ wife,” Nunes answered. “I remember talking to someone, and I did what I always do which is that if you don’t know who they are, you put them to staff, and you let staff work with that person.”

Nunes previously offered different answers when asked about this phone records, saying in one interview “I don’t really recall” Parnas’ name, and repeatedly dodging questions about the matter during another interview. Parnas’ lawyer has mocked Nunes for his apparent pleas of ignorance, and his client is currently pursuing an arrangement to testify before Congress.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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