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WATCH Jimmy Fallon’s Adorable Kids Ignore His Jokes, Steal the Show in Homebound Tonight Show Monologue

NBC’s Jimmy Fallon tried for a somewhat normal version of his Tonight Show monologue on Wednesday night, broadcasting from his home’s rec room. But the only two members of his live, grade school audience…well, they had other plans.

As his wife, Nancy, manned the camera, Fallon ran through numerous jokes that poked fun at our new, shared reality under coronavirus social isolation rules. His two daughters, six-year-old Winnie and five-year-old Frances, could not have cared less, however, as they ignored his pleas for laughter at the punch lies and instead continually climbed all over him and photo-bombed the screen.

Yes, letting young kids run wild during daddy’s important TV show was a clearly contrived strategy for hi-jinks and shenanigans. 

And yes, it was still incredibly disarming and unfailingly cute.

“Alright, I’m going to tell some jokes, okay?”, the patient father Fallon told Frances as he helped her down off his chair at was ostensibly the start of his monologue. “Do want to just stand there and laugh, laugh at the daddy if they’re funny?” he added in a futile request that parents of kindergarteners the world over would recognize.

“No, no!” Frances shot back, as she climbed right back on the chair behind Fallon. After staying hidden for one joke, her blond head popped up and she placed her chin atop her dad’s head and began giggling—and definitely not at Fallon’s jokes. Moments later, as he labored through another joke, Winnie’s face briefly appeared just inches from the camera, giving the audience an up-close but blurry look at her blue eyes.

When he soldiered on to a joke that married the absurd length of CVS receipts and the ongoing shortages of toilet paper, Frances abandoned her heads-up position and clambered down and around to put her face inches from her father’s right as he delivered the punch line.

“Hey, you stepped on that joke. That was a funny joke,” Fallon said, as if his five-year-old daughter cared one whit about spoiling his comic timing.

“Do you like it?” he then asked her of the joke, as she scrambled back behind him.

“No.” was the brutally blunt response.

“Alright,” was all a beleaguered Fallon could muster, after which he shot a quick, deadpan look at the camera that was genuinely funnier than any punchline of the night.

Watch the video above, via NBC.

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