John Lithgow Brutally Parodies Rudy Giuliani: ‘Your Facts Are All Wrong!… Zip it! And Ask Me a Question’


Late Show guest John Lithgow offered up a scathing, tooth and wine-filled parody of President Donald Trump’s personal attorney — rogue Ukraine operative — Rudy Giuliani.

Speaking “via satellite,” the pinky ring-adorned faux-Giuliani spoke with host Stephen Colbert about his jet-setting investigation into Hunter Biden, in his characteristically manic and maniacal style.

“Shhhhhhhhh! Stephen, shhhh!” Lithgow’s Giuliani yelled out, opening the interview.

“I— I haven’t asked you anything yet,” a befuddled Colbert replied.

“I know, and your facts are all wrong! So shhh! So shhhhush it! Zip it! And ask me a question.”

When Colbert pushed this Giuliani to answer for the the many baseless conspiracies he has floated during his recent, bizarre media tour, the late night comedian was immediately rebuffed.

“That’s ridiculous, Stephen. I was simply bringing the American people the truth about the Bidens! And that’s not all,” Giuliani claimed. “I now have reason to believe that the 2016 election was not hacked by the Russians. It was hacked by Hunter Biden, who is actually a Men in Black-style alien, being operated by a tiny Hillary Clinton in his neck!”

“Okay. Wow. That’s a bold assertion. That is — that is, sir, that’s a bold assertion. Do you have any proof of that?” Colbert probed.

“Not yet…or ever,” Giuliani conceded, to laughter. “I’m not falling into the proof trap!”

After explaining how he would now be looking into an allegedly shady business deal between Biden and Nazis in the center of the moon, Lithgow’s Giuliani donned a full space helmet, only to discover he could no longer sip from the glass of merlot he’d been enjoying during the interview.

“The deep state!” a confused Giuliani proclaimed. “They’ve got my wine!”

Watch the video above, via CBS.

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